Friday, 9 November 2012

Moscow Poster Artists of the 1970's.

Moscow Poster Artists: A book of Soviet era posters from the 1970's that I got in St. Petersburg. It features work by about 40 Moscow poster designers.
I've translated the posters for non Russian / German speakers.

Youth in the Textile Industry !
Artist: M.V. Pukyanov, 1973.

First Moscow International Book Fair - “Yarmarka 77
V.D.N.Kh 6-14 September
Artist: A.M. Petouhov, 1977
note: V.D.N.Kh is the acronym for “the All Union Exhibition of the Achievements of the People’s Economy”, which was an State exhibition ground in Moscow.

Aeroflot - Soviet Airlines.
Artist: E.A. Kazhdan, 1973.

“Etben” Literary Composition from the novel by E.Vorobeva ” Demanding the Earth”, read by Anatoly Rizhkov.

Poster by E.C. Tsvik, 1975

Moscow - Olympic Capital ‘80

Artist: A.B. Suvorov, 1975

Trade and Industrial Exhibition of the USSR 1973.

Exhibition Centre at the Radio Tower. 
30th April till 13th May. Daily from 10am till 7pm.

Artist: N.K. Litvinov, 1973.

Protect Birds

Artists: V.S. Karakashev & L.Ya. Levshunova, 1978.

Glory to the country working together !
Artist: M.V. Pukyanov, 1976.

V.D.N.Kh. Pavilion U.S.S.R. the Protection of Nature
Artist: V.S. Karashev, 1975.

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